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05 Jan

Da Lucio's Delivery Website

Project description is a website design for the restaurant "Da Lucio" of Varna. Through this website, people can learn about the various foods of "Da Lucio", be able to place pizza or pasta orders online, and so on. 

The website is designed in such a way that any folk will be easily able to place an order from it. The main emphasis is given to easy-to-use functionality, attractive design, content, usability, fast loading, browser compatibility, responsiveness, and many other things. 

This delivery website created by keeping in mind the target audience of "Da Lucio", which is people who belong to Varna city who are crazy about delicious pizza, pasta, entrée, dessert, drinks, etc. This website will help "Da Lucio" serve individuals who desire to get yummy pizza, or another foodstuff, at their place rather than visiting the restaurant. 


From inception to execution - Wollow discovered the brand that simply fits and leaves an impression in the minds of "Da Lucio's" audience. 

Concept Wireframe and Design 

Smart & Systematic System Design Concepts and Tools to synchronize website users with "Da Lucio" Staff, Restaurant Managers and delivery in a uniform platform. 


HTML 5, CSS 3, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, JQuery, ReactJS, Postgresql

Product development 

As a solution, Wollow developed a Website for the client along with the back-office system for the admin & staff. 

Performance and Scalability testing 

Wollow develops an end-to-end process that includes verification & validation testing on synchronizing the web application with a backend system, server capacity with multiple users for performance.