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05 Jan with a new vision

For the past two months, our team has actively worked to fully redesign the website BGrazpisanie. Flooded with work on other projects somehow made unnoticable the passing of 6-7 years since the last refresher of this emblematic project of ours, which is tied to the company's founding.

Few people remember, or are informed, that started in December of 2008. During this time, we have been a source of information for over 20 000 000 users, as we have at times been in the top 100 projects from Bulgaria by user traffic. Throughout the years we have been trusted by regular people planning their journeys, as well as transport companies and a multitude of bus stations, sharing up-to-date travel details.

Analysing the statistics and the profiles of our users, we have concluded that it is unattractive to invest in the development of new mobile applications, as we have done until now, as the volume of their user-base is sadly less than 1%. On the other hand, the adaptive part of our web project has over 87% of it's users interacting through mobile devices, which can serve as a basis. Using this information as a starting point and combining it with our years of novel experience in UI/UX design, we developed the website's new look, investing time to develop a logo to reflect the new identity. The scope of the project includes a responsive design, as well as building the web part REST API(Ruby on Rails) and a public front-end and back-end part on NodeJS. This guarantees a dynamic project, which is important for the intensive traffic and many database queries.

Why do we invest so much time and resources in this project throughout the years?

Perhaps the answer to this question seems difficult to an outside observer, but for us, the project is part of the company's history, a way for us to provide utility to the travellers and transport companies, and because transport is a very serious business, and a crucial part of an economy's infrastructure. Transport is responsibility, and we are a responsible company with eyes set on the future, but with over 10 years of history to our name.

Developing we established a network in the transport sector, which lead to the development of a Web based Bus tickets management software for bus companies. Throughout the years, we gained the trust of different bus companies, among them are Group-OOD, Dary Commerce, Racic, MTT, Ovanesovi, Has Turizm, Assos Lines and others. Wollow is looking towards the future and wants to turn our system to a unified portal for online selling of bus and railway tickets in Bulgaria. Our goal is to not only further increase the transport companies' capabilities of trading online, but to also automate their administrative processes, which in turn increases their competitiveness. With over 9 years of partner contacts with transport companies and being quite familiar with the essence of this sector, we can offer solutions to a variety of cases.

Wollow is a software company and our primary function has and always will be building digital and software solutions for different businesses, and it is exactly this experience that would be of huge future benefit tour partners in the transport ecosystem of Bulgaria, as it always has been among the preferred sources of information, with a lot of work and a dose of luck we will transform it into the flag carrier of the bus transport in the country and an important source of income for the companies.

Let's travel together...