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Ruby On Rails Development

Making the right choice when it comes to web development is a challenge that every business eventually has to face. Choosing the right technology can catalyze business growth, while the wrong one can slow things down. 

Ruby is a programming language loved by developers and clients alike for the simplicity, productiveness and speed of development it offers. Because of Ruby’s many libraries (also known as gems) the same results that require lots of code, time and effort in other languages can be achieved with a few simple lines.

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an open source web application development framework that is based on the Model-View-Controller architecture. It is perfect for both prototyping and efficient development of full web-based projects. Tools for building API on the backend which can communicate with the client side are also provided. This is a great solution for both programmers and clients, as it makes development quicker and more cost-effective. Our Ruby on Rails web development specialists deliver efficient, concise and clean source code that is easy to read and maintain.

The maturity and flexibility of Rails allows thousands of companies — including digital giants like Hulu, Slideshare, GitHub, Shopify, Groupon and AirBnB — to build robust and highly scalable applications. RoR was also originally used to build the popular free social platform Twitter.

As a Ruby on Rails development company, Wollow has accumulated years of relevant experience by delivering robust, scalable solutions in a cost-effective way.

Rails Code Audit and Refactoring

 Wollow provides code audit services for companies that find their Rails projects plagued by design flaws, security vulnerabilities and other issues.
 We use static code analysis tools as well as reviews by tech leads to determine the root causes of every problem and propose relevant measures, be it redesign or code refactoring, helping you drive the project to successful completion.
 Wollow, as a digital software company, has recognized this shift in the importance of APIs, and the importance of delivering scalable and secure API development services for our clients. Over the past years we’ve grown our capabilities in this area to become one of the leading experts in custom API development and API integration.
 An open API extends the usefulness and functionality of your web service, opening up the possibility of integrations with new and existing third party systems, and introducing strategic opportunities for partners to leverage elements of your platform.
RoR REST Framework Experts

RESTful API development is a core focus at Wollow and the Ruby on Rails framework is the one-of-a-kind toolkit we use to deliver these APIs. The framework does a lot of heavy lifting when building APIs, and it’s one of our favourite tools for building reliable APIs that scale.